Discover the surroundings

Start the day at Burgplatz

Visit many places of interest packed into one square. This central square on the banks of the Rhine is home to many of Düsseldorf's most famous landmarks. These include a fountain representing two children playing cartwheels, one of the city's traditions, the maritime museum in the Schlossturm tower and the Riesenrad am Rhein Ferris wheel. But the square is also particularly pleasant due to the lively air it breathes. During the holiday season, Burgplatz hosts the enchanting Christmas markets featuring an incredible variety of items and plenty of dining options. When the lights come on in the evening, the atmosphere becomes even more magical.

Walk along the banks of the Rhine river

Start from the Parliament and reach the port area along the Rheinuferpromenade, the promenade that runs along the Rhine. In this pedestrianized promenade you will find groups of young people lying on the grass, cyclists and people on foot. Join them, it's really nice and relaxing to spend a few hours here. Along the way, you will notice many places of interest such as the church of San Lambert and Burgplatz, with the world-famous Schlossturm. If you're tired of walking and want to take a break, wherever you are you'll find bars and patisseries just around the corner.

In summer, a boat tour of the Rhine is worthwhile. The ride lasts 45 minutes and you can choose between different shipping companies, some even offer the "all-you-can-drink" formula.

Go shopping on Koenigsallee

Discover the latest fashion in Düsseldorf's trendiest shopping streetIn Düsseldorf, fashion is king. Germany's most in-demand fashion schools are located here and the locals follow the latest trends like no other city in the country. If you want to be trendy too, head to Koenigsallee or "Kö" as the locals call it. Many of the city's 5-star hotels are also located near Koenigsallee. All the European high-fashion brands have their boutiques on this central, tree-lined, canal-lined street. For shopping, you can also opt for the Galeria shopping centre, where you will find many shops.

Visit the oldest markt of the city in Carlsplatz

Stock up on souvenirs and local products You will appreciate this market's calm and uncluttered atmosphere - a German market in all respects. You can find a large variety of souvenirs, but it is above all the scents and colors of vegetables and flowers that remain etched in the memory of tourists. You can buy some bread and cheese to take away or eat something freshly prepared.

Lunchtime is the best time to visit the market because there is an inner courtyard where you can enjoy delicious dishes such as sandwiches stuffed with meat and other delicacies. Near the Carsplatz Markt there are many accommodation options for tourists.